Hardware Support: Bachrus

JMRI supports the Bachrus MTS-DCC Model train Speedometer, which is an input only device, to capture speed information from a reader module on a Bachrus "Saddle" running stand.

Supported Hardware

Bachrus MTS-DCC Model train Speedometer

When the Bachrus MTS-DCC is set as a JMRI Layout Connection Preference, the Speedo Console tool can be used to display scale running speed for any scale from Z to O and beyond.

Speedometer dial display
Left hand side of Speedo panel

When the Bachrus MTS-DCC is set as a layout connection alongside a DCC hardware system the speedo utility allows automated measurement of a DCC decoder equipped loco's speed profile.

Speedometer speed profile graph
Right hand side of Speedo panel


Third Party info

More information on the Bachrus Speedometer products on the Bachrus website.