Acknowledgements: People who've contributed to JMRI

A number of people have contributed their effort to JMRI. They are listed below in alphabetical order and deserve our thanks. See the JMRI copyright and licensing page for the terms under which they make their work available to others.

In addition, a large number of people have donated to the project. For more information, or to donate, please see our donations page.


Visualizations of JMRI Development Activity

The JMRI CodeFlower provides a dynamic view of the structure of whole GitHub source code repository. It shows the relative size of the code in each file and the structure in which the files are stored.

You can see a summary of the JMRI developer activity on the GitHub project page for the main code repository and the website.

More detailed metrics are available on the JMRI OpenHub pages on contributors and commits.

Dennis Miller created a Code Swarm of JMRI development that represents activity from inception to January 2009. A Code Swarm is a fascinating and dynamic visual representation of change as developers come and go and make changes to the files that make up a project. More information is available on the Code Swarm page.