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JMRI provides powerful tools for working with your layout:

Layout Automation

JMRI can be used to automate parts of your layout, from simply controlling a crossing gate to running trains in the background.

Supported Hardware

Supported Computers

JMRI: Applications

JMRI provides several applications that are optimized for specific purposes. You can of course also write your own.

A better tool for programming decoders. DecoderPro simplifies the job of configuring complicated DCC decoders by providing screens on which you can select the various options and values you want.
Open DecoderPro by double clicking its icon in the JMRI installation folder.
Operating CRT based CTC control panels that reflect the real-time state of your railroad and let you control it - almost like a Prototype dispatcher!
Open PanelPro by double clicking its icon in the JMRI installation folder.
A system for Dispatching, grouping your Roster and Throttles.
Create Train Manifests that detail the work your train crews will perform during an operations session. The Manifest lists of car pick up and set outs, shows where the cars are located, and provides the cars' destinations.
A set of tools for using Audio with JMRI.
Open SoundPro by double clicking its icon in the JMRI installation folder.

Add-on Applications

Hobbyists have created applications that work with JMRI to provide extra capabilities.
Mainfest Creator
Manifest Creator is an Excel-based add-on to JMRI that can provide train manifests and switch lists in a number of formats.
TrainCrew allows engineers and conductors using wireless throttles to add realism to their operations.
CATS provides a modern dispatching screen for your model railroad.

JMRI Tools