Hardware Support: Protrak Grapevine System

Supported Hardware





To configure the connection:

Before you can access a Grapevine Node in JMRI, you have to define it to the program. You can do this either from the Preferences window (under Edit in the main menu, click "Configure Nodes") or using the Configure Nodes tool in the Grapevine menu.

Grapevine Systems Names start with a system letter of "G". After that, there's a type letter, then a node number and a pin number.
Naming and input/output connectors are described on a separate page. Grapevine Configuration Option

If desired, check "Additional Conection Settings" and select an option for "Auto-initialize" to have Simulator generate automatic replies from node inputs/outputs:

JMRI Grapevine Tools

The Grapevine menu gives access to:


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