Hardware Support: JMRI Tools for LocoNet® Devices

JMRI software provides a variety of tools to support hardware connected to the LocoNet® bus. These tools provide a variety of features, such as monitoring status, reading and writing configuration. Each of the tools provides a set of features which is appropriate to the type of device it supports, as summarized in the table below.

JMRI LocoNet Tools

Access to the LocoNet Tools is from the LocoNet menu that appears when JMRI is connected to a LocoNet®.

In the table below, each tool name is a link to a tool-specific help page.

Tool Monitor Status Control Configure Download Firmware Download Sound Project Applies To
Monitor LocoNet All LocoNet Traffic
Monitor Slots (limited) Command Station's "Slots"
Monitor Clock LocoNet Fast Clock
Monitor LocoNet Stats PR3, LocoBuffer, LocoBuffer-II, LocoBuffer-USB
Configure BDL16x BDL16, BDL162, BDL168
Configure DS64 DS64
Configure PM4x PM4, PM42
Configure SE8C SE8C
Configure LocoIO (deprecated) LocoIO, LocoServo, LocoBooster
Configure Command Station DB150, DCS100, DCS50, DCS51
Configure LocoNet ID UR90, UR91(Infrared & Simplex), UR92(Infrared), UR92CE(Infrared)
Configure Duplex Group (limited) UR92(Duplex), UR92CE(Duplex)
Send Throttle Message (limited) DT400, DT400R, DT402, DT402R, DT402D, DT402DCE
Send LocoNet Packet LocoNet Traffic
Select PR3 Mode (limited) PR3
Download Firmware LocoNet hardware which supports Firmware upgrades
Download Sounds Digitrax Mobile Sound Decoders

LocoNet® is a registered trademark of Digitrax, Inc.