JMRI Dispatcher: Allocate Extra


The Allocate Extra Section pane allows "Extra Sections" to be allocated to any Dispatcher Active Train. "Extra Sections" are Sections that are not in the sequence of Sections defined in the Transit being followed by the Active Train. The need to allocate "extra Sections" can arise if the engineer of an Active Train needs to do more than simply run around the layout. For example, extra Sections could be needed for setting out or picking up cars, especially if a run around is needed.

Extra Sections are allocated manually via the Dispatcher panel, using this window to select the Active Train and the Section to be allocated. Once allocated, extra Sections will show in the Allocated Sections table in the Dispatcher window.
The Release button in the Allocated Section Table should be used to release the extra Sections when they are no longer required. The Auto Release option does not release extra Sections; extra Sections must be released manually.

Note: Turnout checking and turnout setting are turned off during Allocate Extra. Turnouts should be set as needed by the dispatcher or by the engineer.

Using the Allocate Extra Window

To allocate and extra Section to an Active Train, use the following procedure:

  1. Click the Allocate Extra... button in the Dispatcher window. This brings up the window shown below.

  2. Select an Active Train in the Active Train: selection box. When an Active Train is selected, the Section to Allocate: selection box will change to display Sections that are appropriate to that Active Train. Active Train names are displayed in either short form (shown above) or long form depending on the option set in Dispatcher Options.

  3. Select a Section to allocate in the Section to Allocate: selection box. To be listed in this select box, a Section must be FREE (not allocated to any Active Train), and must be connected to a Section that is currently allocated to the Active Train selected in the Active Train: selection box.

  4. Click the Allocate button to allocate the selected Section to the selected Active Train. The Section is allocated immediately, and this window disappears.

  5. Or click the Cancel button to exit without allocating an extra Section.

Note: If this window accidentally should be left open, allocating a Section in another manner will automatically cancel the operation in this window, and this pane will disappear.

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